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Image Sorter - is the easiest way to Sort Images. Automatically sort image files with image
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1 July 2009

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If the images are organized nicely then you can locate a required image easily. Ridorium Image Sorter program helps you organize your large collection of images easily.

Features: The application provides configuration wizard to sort your photos from your computer or external drive. You need to simply follow step by step instruction wizard for configuration. In the first step, select source folder and its subfolders from which files will be processed. Application allows you to select folder from your computer or select CD/DVD disk or select network drive or select flash removable data storage devices. Moving to the next step you can specify what to do with processed files. You get two options as move files or copy files. In the next step specify the directory where processed files should be stored or set different directory for each type of files, you can select viewing mode either simple or extended. In the next step the application will ask for options to select, how your photos will be organized while processing, Options are content type, camera manufacturer, model type, content, year/date/month or set custom photo organizing method. Processing of files will start as soon as you complete configuration.

Application allows you to perform various setting options for your photo sorter like define source folder, select start-up option, define moving rules, set renaming rules, deleting rules, archive options, define auto save time and visual appearance type as Office 2007, Vista, Opus etc.

Overall: This is a nice program to organize your image file collection that can easily locate and find required image easily.

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Image Sorter - is award-winning software to Sort Images. Want to sort images? Then you need image sorter. This automatic image file sorter and image sorter tool, image sorter software and image sorter program, cutting-edge image sorter solution and the high-end image sorter can sort all image files. This image sorter can sort images in any folder, sort images in My documents folder and sort images in My pictures folder.
What is the best way to sort images with image sorter? How to sort images easily with automatic image sorter tool? Just download image sorter to get images sorted. And images will not just be sorted with image sorter software. Image sorter will sort image files exactly according to you preferences.
Sort images on your computer with the image sorter program. This image file sorter will be useful even if you have multiple drives. This is because image sorter program is the image sorter software that can sort image files on the multiple hard disks too. This automatic image sorter can sort image files using multiple ways. The cutting-edge image sorter can sort images by date, by creation date and by date image was made. Also image sorter is designed to sort images by time, by camera model, by image dimensions and using variety of other ways. Sort Images - Download image sorter at !
Ridorium Image Sorter
Ridorium Image Sorter
Version 8.71
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